Time magazine article about mobile gaming

I perused the June 22 issue of Time today and came across an article about the mobile gaming industry. If you’ve been keeping tabs on this area you might be familiar with much of the content, but I found a few of the facts both fresh and informative.

For example, it talks about how the industry is increasing at a rapid pace, but over half of the profits are being dominated by the top 10 companies. I don’t remember thethe exact figures, but it quoted how a pretty large chunk of mobile game developers make only a few hundred dollars a month (this part was no surprise).

There was an interesting section about the popular game series Dots. I found it surprising how they were unable to have much success with in-app purchases for the first game, even though they had 40 million downloads.

To be honest, very little of it was motivating to small-time developers, but whether you are making mobile games as a hobby or a business, it’s good to understand the industry as much as possible.

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