Play The Field – Android version?

Though PTF has only been in the store for around a week, I’ve already gotten one request for an Android version. This is great feedback, please┬ákeep it coming!

To be honest, I have actually thought about an Android version from day 1, before I wrote the first line of code. Because of that, I’ve tried to implement┬ámuch of the core logic in C++, as opposed to Objective-C. I haven’t done a line-by-line comparison, but I would guess 60-70% of the game is in C.

A few minutes of googling shows there are even frameworks that supposedly allow compiling Objective-C on Android platform, such as Marmalade Juice, and another one called Apportable.

I’m eager to get more users to play PTF so I can get more feedback and refine it even further, but at the same time I don’t want to stretch myself too thin. Even if one of the aforementioned frameworks, there will be surely some parts that are non-portable (like the UI), and those will have to be maintained across both platforms.

In related news, Microsoft announced this week at their yearly Build developer conference that they had a mechanism to easily convert iOS apps to run on a windows device, all while using Visual Studio. I think it will take some time to work out the kinks in the system, but maybe months from now it will be a breeze.

For those who do have an iPad, you can the iTunes page here.

If you are interested in an Android port of PTF, please like this article to show your interest.