Dokusen 1.1 re-released to the App Store

I just re-released my casual iOS game “Dokusen: The Art of Domination” which had been off the App Store for over a year due to not being up-to-date with Apple’s recent policies.

While there are are no major changes, here are the things I did before uploading 1.1:

  • Move sound effects to AVAudioPlayer, since the old APIs that were used didn’t seem to be supported anymore (the project wouldn’t build)
  • Added limitation to sound effects so more than three wouldn’t play when changing tile state (this was causing slowdown when many tried to get played at once)
  • Added version number to main screen and changed copyright to properly reflect my name
  • Fixed bug where app would crash for some device types on stage 11
  • Added a bunch of 6.5 inch iPhone screenshots (using simulator since I don’t own one of those devices)
  • Added 1024×1024 icon
  • Added simple privacy policy as per Apple’s requirements
  • Lowered background music volume a little
  • Moved up bottom gauge a little since it was going off the screen on some device types

The game is available now on the App Store for free (as it has been for most of the time).

Let me know if you have any comments, if I can get enough interest I am open to making more significant changes.

Also, while I have not actively updated this blog in some time, I am considering doing more frequent updates to talk about some more recent projects. Let me know if you are interested in any topics.

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